Why we exist?

Atpl GS was developed by students for students.
With pass margins on the rise exams are becoming more and more difficult. Our goal is to give you the most relevant and recent questions to increase your chances of success.

Who are we?

We are a collection of students who have been through the process of ATPL exams and experiences the difficulties you now face.

We identified areas we felt were in need of improvement and put together a system that adapts to your unique learning requirements.

Why are we different?

We currently cater for the ATPL(A) EASA students, offering over 14000 questions across all 14 subjects. ATPL (H) will be coming soon!


  • atplgs.com, developed to help practise over 14,000 questions across all 14 subjects for your ATPLGS. Lovingly developed students by students


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